Welcome to the Sailing and Navigation Learning Suite (Basic)

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These learning aids have been developed with three goals in mind.

  1. To help you prepare for the "on-the-water" sessions of your sailing course.
  2. To help you prepare for the Basic Cruising theory and PCOC exams.
  3. To add an element of fun to the learning process.

They should be used in conjunction with the training material provided in your course package.

Learning is always easier if it is fun. I hope you find these learning aids useful and that you also have fun using them. If you find any errors and/or want to make suggestions for improvements or think of topics for other learning aids please email.

Basic Cruising Skills Reading Guide This will help you prepare for your sailing course and the exams.
PCOC Tutor The exam will be in one of your early sessions so do this as one of your first study sessions.
Boat Parts / Pièces de bateau Use this to augment chapter 1 in the book
Basic Cruising / PCOC Quiz Score 75% every time and you will be in good shape for your PCOC exam
Nautical Crossword Pictures and words - it's fun and educational
Glossary / Glossaire Pictures and words both languages- it's fun and educational