Experience Building Program

So you have graduated from Basic Cruising, don't own a boat and want to continue sailing to gain experience. This program provides the means for you to do that in a low cost way. Where else can you get access to a keelboat for $100 per day or less? (This is our highest fee; some packages have even lower equivalent daily fees). As a member you will also qualify for discounts on future sailing courses.

You have all the benefits of being a boat owner with none of the hassles or expenses. This is a great way to build confidence and competence without any large capital or maintenance time outlay. It's also a way to expand your circle of sailing friends.

Ynot Sailing Students and Graduates - Current year

You may join the program as a crew member as soon as you have completed the upwind sailing module. Once you have satisfactorily completed the afloat skills part of the course you may join as a skipper member.

This applies to the boat you trained on and the location in which you took your course. To use a boat in our other location you would simply need to complete a short familiarization session on the boat in the other location.

Ynot Sailing Graduates - Previous years

If you are a Ynot Sailing Basic Cruising graduate from earlier seasons and have maintained your competence level you will also be automatically qualified to become a member. If you have not sailed regularly since graduating you should sign up for refresher / evaluation sessions.

Graduates from other Sailing Schools and Experienced Sailors

If you are a graduate from another sailing school or an experienced sailor you will be considered for membership but will need to prove adequate competence. You will be required to satisfactorily complete an interview on safe operation of a vessel and sailing theory, plus an on-the-water evaluation. Call or email for details.

Crew Requirements

Most activities in life are better if shared. Sailing is no exception. For your safety and enjoyment we suggest that the boat have a qualified skipper and at least one qualified crew member on board at all times. If you want to qualify to take the boat out alone we can provide additional training; see next paragraph.

Single Handed Sailing

If you wish to sail single handed we can provide additional training and show you how to safely handle the boat completely alone. Typically this only requires one or two private coaching sessions after completion of your basic course. Call or email for details.

Sharing the Experience

All participants in this program will have their email and primary phone number automatically included in an on-line, password protected, list unless they request otherwise. If you have reserved a boat and another member wants to join you then you are encouraged to allow that member to join you in that session. This is a way to ensure that members get the maximum opportunity to sail and also provides an opportunity for participants to expand their circle of sailing friends.


Guests are not allowed; this is an experience building program not a boat rental service. Skippers are encouraged to invite other program participants to join them in their sailing sessions. Family members may participate once they have completed the Ynot Sailing Safe Crew course. Call or email for details.


In the Montreal area we have 4 Tanzer 22's available in Baie d'Urfé (2 in the Boating Club and 2 in the Yacht Club). 2 are primarily used for training courses. The other 2 are primarily used for experience building. The training boats are available to Experience Building program members whenever they are not being used for training purposes.

Safety Equipment

All mandatory safety equipment will be provided with the boat. The skipper must check that all the required safety equipment is on board and that all the crew know the location of each item and how to use them. Should the boat be taken without all the equipment on board it is the skipper who will be responsible for paying any fines or penalties imposed by the authorities.

PFD's must be worn by all on board whenever the boat is not tied to a dock. It is the skipper's responsibility to ensure the crew and boat are safe at all times. Therefore any infraction will result in the skipper forfeiting the damage deposit and the immediate exclusion of the offender from the program without refund.

Yacht club membership is required for skippers using boats in Baie d'Urfé Yacht Club. Ynot Sailing students and graduates are automatically yacht club members in the year of their course. All others should apply to the BDYC membership secretary. He is a Ynot Sailing Graduate. Membership is not required for the boats in the boating club.

Ynot Sailing EBP Single Membership

On payment of the annual EBP membership fee you will:

Ynot Sailing EBP Family Membership

If you wish to have family members sail with you they must first complete the Ynot Sailing Safe Crew course. Call or email for details.

Reservation Process

During the season the on-line boat reservation system is active. Apart from the price one of the biggest differences in the packages is the advance booking period. Priority is based on membership level.

Damage Deposit

All Packages require pre-payment of a $500 (cash or cheque) damage deposit. The damage deposit will be returned at the end of the usage period providing the boat and equipment are in the same condition as at the beginning of the period.


The different packages are summarized in the tables. There is a membership fee plus a boat reservation fee. Pick the package which most suits your schedule and budget. Boats will be available from May to October.

Sail 5 = Any combination of 5 equivalent days sailing.
Sail 10 = Any combination of 10 equivalent days sailing.
Seasonal = Unlimited use.
An "equivalent day" means any combination of 2 blocks of time.

Membership Fees


EBP Single Membership


EBP Family Membership 


EBP Crew (No skipper privileges)




Sail 5

Sail 10


Boat Reservation Fee




Advance booking

5 days or less

10 days or less

15 days or less

Sailing course Discount




Damage Deposit (Refundable)