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"Tony is a great teacher, patient (lets you learn by your mistakes) combined with a no-nonsense attitude that will make you a more knowledgeable and safe sailor. Would highly recommend Tony he is tough, but makes it worth your time". John C

"Tony, not only are  you a "real" certified Yacht Master, but you're also a great teacher, and I deeply regret not having taken my Basic Cruising with you.  I made the mistake of going to a so called broker company that offers Bare boat Charters, Crewed Charters  and Sailing classes, thinking they would teach me how to sail, when in fact, all they were interested in, was renting me one of their sailboats. Anyone who is looking for a "real" sailing school, should go straight to Ynot Sailing - don't even bother calling anyone else".
Frederick H.
Montreal, Canada

"Tony, thank you!  In 4 days I have learned so much more than I thought possible for me to learn.  You leadership, genuine compassion and your humour have made this training remarkable for me.  Under your guidance, I was able to learn to navigate safely, with confidence and being able to assume command.  I recommend your school to anyone that has a desire to learn with integrity and rigor the ins and outs of sailing.  I can't wait for my next training with you! You are truly a master!"
Pierre Lescarbeau
Corporate Trainer

4 days on a boat did much better to me then 1 hour at a psychologist...

"Recently I took the CYA Basic Cruising Course through the Ynot Sailing School. I found the course to be very well run.  Tony gave clear, concise instructions and showed extreme patience with someone who has been sailing for 35 years and thought he knew it all.  I learned a lot.  Safe practices, as well as overall safety concerns, are stressed.  I strongly recommend this course to all, even to the “expert” who has never had any formal training.  Job well done Tony"
Adrian Budd 
Past Commodore 
Baie D'urfe Yacht Club

"As a former teacher and supervisor of teachers I was impressed by Tony's knowledge, infectious enthusiasm and communication skills"
Bob Eaman
Retired Teaching Professional

"Tony has to rank in the top three as one of the best facilitators I have met throughout my 22-year career. He is perhaps one of the best communicators I have ever had the opportunity and pleasure to listen to, and interact with as a facilitator I would recommend any course taught by him simply because it was taught by him".
Stephen Larder
Bombardier Aerospace

"I must say that I tremendously enjoyed the sailing course.
I knew I would like the sailing aspect, but your excellent teaching skills made the experience all the more pleasurable".
Edmund A. Idziak
Program Manager
Kaytronics Inc

"Since I took a Basic Cruising course with you and started sailing my own boat I have been living a dream. A new adventure in my life has begun. The challenge of operating a 26 foot sailboat seems to be easier than I thought it would be thanks to the experience and knowledge gained during the course."
Edgar Metums
Senior Member BDYC

"I'm just back from a two week sailing trip in Honduras on my friends Santana 37. It was fantastic! Everything you taught us fell right into place. The valuable sailing and communication skills that we acquired from you were noticed and appreciated by all aboard".
David Godin
Research & Development VOXCO

"We are very happy we did the course. What we learned from you will be for sure the foundation of many years of safe and pleasant sailing. We have already started to put this knowledge into practice on our sailboat. This was our best investment in sailing so far! Thanks Tony".
Pierre-Marc Carrière
Bell Mobilité

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