Tony in foul wx sailing gearTeaching Sailing is a passion for Tony. He has over 50 years of sailing experience, a large proportion of which has been involved in teaching. He is certified to teach all levels of keelboat courses up to and including Offshore Sailing. He is also a Sail Canada certified Instructor and Trainer of Instructors with over 10,000 student hours logged. In addition he is also approved by IYT to teach and examine clients for the ICC (International Certificate of Competency) - a requirement to charter boats in many European countries. He is certified to teach all course levels upto and including Offshore Sailing. He is a professionally trained facilitator and has led many management training seminars to all management levels in industry.

In addition to sailing locally in Eastern Canada, in the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean he has also, as captain, delivered a brand new 40 foot Jeaneau Sun Odyssey from France to St. Vincent in the Caribbean; delivered a 42 foot Beneteau from the Bahamas to Toronto; and delivered a 60 schooner from the Cheseapeak to the Bahamas. Tony also has attained the prestigious Yacht Master Ocean status. He is a professionally trained instructor and in addition to teaching sailing he is also active as a workshop facilitator and coach in Personal and Personnel Development


WanjiraHelping people, especially Tony, is a passion for Wanjira. Her career has been multifaceted on three continents. She speaks 4 languages and is currently studying another. In her previous professional capacity as an Executive Assistant, in a high pressure industry, she performed several business management functions including translations. Wanjira is currently dividing her time between providing alternate health therapies, (please visit Studio Wanjira for details) and facilitating workshops related to transitioning to natural healthy life styles. Although Tony has been known to describe Sailing as the ultimate in stress relief he is always delighted to receive a hot stone massage from Wanjira whenever possible. Her capacity for work is only exceeded by her love of helping others. She has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to help raise funds for AIDS relief for African children and is planning other charitable fund raising events.


DaveDave learned to sail in Gimli, Manitoba on Tumbleweeds in the early eighties. Predominantly a dingy racer, he has applied those skills to keelboats ("Much more comfortable!" he says) but is still certified to instruct up to Bronze 5 in dinghies and Basic Cruising on keelboats. Dave has mainly sailed on inland waters in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec with a few blue water charters in the Caribbean thrown in.