Training Sail Boat


Clients are encouraged to learn the theory at their own pace assisted by coaching from our qualified and experienced instructors. You will receive your course material, including some state of the art on-line learning aids, as soon you sign up for the course. The more you prepare ahead of time the faster you go up the learning curve and get to take the boat out unsupervised.

Friendly Environment and Environmentally friendly

Learning is much easier when you are having fun. So we try to arrange as much fun as safely possible.

We limit the use of gasoline to the minimum possible and all Ynot Sailing courses are offered in a non smoking environment.


Reef knot
The ability to tie knots that are secure, easy to tie, and easy to undo, is an essential part of being a sailor. There are only 7 essential knots and we will show you how to tie them all. In the meantime here is a link to an excellent on-line knot tying site. Animated Knots. Be warned there are more knots there than you need but it is an entertaining site with interesting content and links. Click here for the list of knots used in Basic Cruising.

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What is covered

Take a look at the Performance Standard to discover the details of what you will learn. We believe that sailing is best learned on the water and therefore we spend as much course time as possible on the boat.

Training Sail Boat

Training Material

All training materials are provided. Comfortable inflatable type PFD's (Personal Flotation Device's) are provided for adults.

Safety & Seamanship

Safe practices and good seamanship go hand in hand. Therefore they are strenuously taught and adhered to. PFD's are worn at all times on the boat. You will not be allowed to do anything dangerous to yourself, the crew, or the boat.

Beginer Skipper Course

Sail Canada Basic Cruising / IYT Flotilla Skipper

Whether you have chosen the North American or the International certification this is the course to start with. It is an introductory level learn to sail course that is suitable for beginners or slightly experienced sailors. This is also a good starting point for sailors with dinghy experience.

The practical part of the course is identical. They differ in the theory (IYT requires a marine radio certificate and exams). (FVQ requires a small student registration fee).

Our experienced and professionally trained instructors can teach you to sail even if you have never set foot on a boat.

During this course you will become comfortable controlling a 20 to 30 foot keelboat under motor and sail. You will learn to act in the capacity of skipper and also as a member of the crew. On completion you will be confident in making safe, local, daytime, cruises in moderate wind and sea conditions.

Sail boat In Montreal we use Tanzer 22's for this course. It is an excellent training boat with a roomy cockpit. There are pictures in the right and left columns.

In Ontario we use a Mirage 29 (see left) mostly for the Live-Aboard course format. This is the boat we use for the courses and cruises operating out of Gananoque or Kingston in the 1000 Islands.

Course Formats

Basic Cruising is available in two formats: Day Sailing or Live on Board

Prerequisites: None

Please read about suitable clothing & footwear.

If you would like to progress from Novice to Bareboat Skipper in one season the Skipper's Plan may be just what you need.


The next steps to consider are:
Intermediate Cruising
Coastal Navigation
Marine Radio
GPS & Electronic Navigation

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Ynot Sailing Courses are offered in a non smoking environment

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