Covid 2021 Rules

Starting Sept 1st proof of Covid double vacination will be required.
Face masks must be worn at all times.
Hand Sanitizer will be available on board.
The boat will be disinfected before each embarkation.

Clothing & Footwear etc.

Comfort and safety are important. Students are strongly recommended to dress appropriately for outdoor activities on the water. No matter how warm the day or evening it is always a little cooler on the water.

Sun and wind burn are also not to be underestimated. The sun reflects both off the water and also off the sails. Even on dull overcast days sun burn can occur.

The table below will act as a starting point and a reminder. Call us for advice before you buy anything.

A frequently asked question is "What do we do if it's raining?"
Here's my usual answer.
If it's raining vertically there's no wind so we will spend time in the classroom.
If the rain is falling at an angle there's wind and we will be sailing; come prepared.
If the rain is anywhere near horizontal and you make it to the club we will spend time in the classroom.



Non-slip footwear

Shoes NOT open toed sandals or flip flops for safety reasons. Running shoes with non marking soles are usually ok.

Warm Sweater

It can be cool on the water, especially in the evening.


Canadian approved Inflatable type are provided. If you have your own pfd by all means bring it.

Sun hat

Retainer strap highly recommended


Retainer strap highly recommended

Sun block

Water proof

Wet weather gear

Water and wind proof jacket and trousers.


Cycling gloves are ok and much cheaper than sailing gloves

Ball Point Pen

There will be some forms to complete


Due to Covid the yacht club facilities are not available so please bring a packed lunch.